BBC visits Roosh V at his home in Poznan, Poland

In 2011, Daryush Roosh Valizadeh came for the first time in Poznan, Poland and loved it. He calls it “his heaven”. Later he bought an apartment in the center of Poznan, and in 2015 he founded the Poznan Institute.

The Return of Kings meet ups were initiated by Roosh V also after successfully holding these meet ups every Thursday in Poznan, with other men who wanted to learn from him how to eliminate every resistance to sex with women.

Here we used to have the BBC documentary with BBC reporter Reggie Yates visiting Rosh’s home in Poznan. Reggie Yates was surprised at Roosh’s sick arguments that rape is normal, and that all men are rapists, not just himself. But Roosh managed to take that video down, so I made a video explaining a little more about the history of Daryush Valizadeh, the proven serial rapist who is hiding in Poland.



Few of the atrocious rapes that RooshV admits to


Three more admissions of rapes done by Daryush Roosh Valizadeh

This above is the most shared image on Social Media, that shows only 3 public quotes of real-life rapes admitted by Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh. There are not enough trigger warnings possible to be put in place, when it comes to the atrocity that Roosh represents.

Sometimes we may lose faith in humanity when we see that a proven, repeated serial rapist as Daryush Valizadeh is still in liberty, while playing the “victim” card and painting himself as “wronged” by all those “feminazis” and journalists.

The truth is much darker: RooshV is a psychopathic criminal in every sense of the word, which managed to reduce to silence for years everyone of his rape victims survivors or every other girl that spoke against him or tried to expose the truth about him:

“Roosh V found some of her photos, and went after her online.

“He posted it and incited people to wonder if they would sexually assault me, saying that he would.” she says. “I received a lot of death and rape threats on Facebook, online, on his forum, my pictures have been posted everywhere.”

Nix has pressed charges against him with the Montreal police.

And Aurelie is just another one of his many victims. On the canadian news they didn’t mention, but the pictures of Aurelie Nix that RooshV spread around were naked pictures of her.

All of us together we can put a stop finally to the years of abuses, sexual assaults and crimes committed by Daryush Roosh Valizadeh, who was few times “awarded” not by accident the crown of “Top Number 1 Most Hated Man on the Internet”

Since then, several women’s rights organizations made public requests to protect Roosh’s rape victims and help them. One of the most vocal organization can and should be contacted by leaving your comment here below.

If you have more information about Roosh’s criminal activities, please contact us by commenting below.