Everything you wanted to know about Roosh – The Reality – Part I

Respected journalists from all over United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia discovered a lot of very upsetting realities about the serial rapist who hides under the nickname of “Roosh”.

Unfortunately, the level of the danger is very high with this particular rapist, because he keeps seminars and world tours in which he teaches young men to never take “No” for  an answer, no matter how many times is repeated, he teaches men to never ask for permission and to always give out fake names to the girls they meet, and get them as drunk as possible, so that they will encounter less resistance to sex.

Yahoo News writes:

The anger against the self-styled pick-up artist has been so great, it has also led to politicians vowing not to let him enter their countries.

This article provides a disturbing insight into how this 36-year-old’s view of women has degenerated into a near-obsessive hatred of the opposite sex.

“All women are worthless dirty whores”

“My default opinion of any girl I meet is ‘she is a worthless dirty whore until proven otherwise’. When so many girls have opened their legs up for me so quickly and easily, it’s hard for me to respect them.

I do not feel any closer to a girl when I pump her, and most of the time I respect her less because my opinion of her as a worthless dirty whore who probably likes being choked was proven correct.”

“You should fantasize about choking girls”

“The more worthless you think of the female species and the less you fantasize about your dream girl, the more likely you will find and successfully game her. The fantasy you should have to get your ideal girl should be choking and butt-f***ing her, not having a romantic walk with her on a beautiful beach underneath a full moon.”

“Men must make all the decisions for women”

Darkish Vallizadeh explains: “Systems must now be put in place where a woman’s behaviour is monitored and her decisions subject to approval of a male relative or a guardian who understands what’s in her best interests better than she does herself.”



Roosh, the most infamous misogynist on the Internet became anti-semite

From the large magazine DailyDot, a recent article titled “The Web’s most infamous misogynist regrets nothing”:

“I’m going to be compared to Hitler,” Daryush Valizadeh told me.”

Rob Price from DailyDot observed Roosh´s extraordinarily vitriolic and misogynistic views about women and society as a whole.

So extreme are Roosh’s views he even managed to land himself on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s quarterly extremism report in 2012, a privilege usually reserved for neo-Nazis and terrorists.

“5 Reasons to Date a Girl With an Eating Disorder,” an article on Return of Kings, the blog that Daryush Valizadeh edits, went viral. It prompted furious responses in the Daily Mail (“dangerously and absurdly trivialising”), Huffington Post (“the dark underbelly of the internet, full of venom and vitriol”), and Jezebel (“inarticulate, delusional garbage”).

The Anti-Defamation League includes Daryush Valizadeh in anti-semitism movement in an article describing Anti-Semitism and Extremism Terrorism, article called “Pick-Up Artist Roosh V Moves from Misogyny to Anti-Semitism”

Daryush Val­izadeh, oth­er­wise known as “Roosh V,” is a misog­y­nist who has fully embraced anti-Semitism on his blog, “Return of Kings.” In a post­ing in early May, Val­izadeh pro­moted the work of Kevin Mac­Don­ald, a lead­ing anti-Semite in the U.S.

According to the Anti Defamation League, Daryush Val­izadeh is pri­mar­ily known for dis­parag­ing women and for writ­ing a series of books on how men can have sex­ual exploits with women in var­i­ous coun­tries, which were labeled as “rape guides” by several organisations. Now, Roosh has embraced another form of extrem­ism by adding to his misog­yny also anti-Semitism.

Roosh has gone from describing raping different women, to full extremism and anti-semitism

Roosh has gone from describing raping different women, to full extremism and anti-semitism